Interwell challenge extreme environments with extreme performance

Pictured: Andrew Louden, Interwell’s UK managing director

Pictured: Andrew Louden, Interwell’s UK managing director

Well intervention specialist Interwell has been working with a top trial-bike rider to demonstrate the company’s commitment to safety in the delivery of extreme performance.

Interwell commissioned a video of biker Duncan Shaw performing a variety of amazing stunts in the company’s Aberdeen yard and workshop.

Duncan’s on-film tricks include riding along a 40ft long joint of 3-1/2” diameter tubing.

Andrew Louden, Interwell’s UK managing director, said: “We are very familiar with managing risks in the oil and gas industry and there is an extremely strong safety culture. Our UK facility is now in its third year and we have not had any accidents, incidents or first aid injuries. We wanted to create a promotion campaign that showed how an extreme sports expert performed amazing stunts with an equally focussed approach to safety. Duncan is a very talented trail-bike rider. Every stunt was carefully planned, practiced and safety precautions were continuously assessed.

“Interwell develops and deploys technology for extreme environments with pressures up to 15,000psi and temperatures up to 220 deg C. We have the most extreme expansion mechanical bridge plugs in the world. These pressures and temperatures present operational and safety risk, however, Interwell’s design engineers have the necessary expertise to safely address these challenges.

“Duncan performed some incredible stunts on our premises for the promotion campaign but our commitment to health and safety is certainly no stunt. The health and safety of our employees is the company’s top priority.

“If you want a trial-bike expert then call Duncan Shaw or his CLAN co-founder Danny MacAskill. If you need an ultra-slim or high pressure high temperature bridge plug then call Interwell.”

Duncan Shaw, trial-bike rider of The Clan, said: “Safety is always paramount in trial bike riding. We will not take on any stunt until we are confident that it can be performed safely. All the CLAN cycle team equipment is specialised and is maintained to the highest level.”

To see the bikers in action and find out more about Interwell’s extreme offering please come along to a special event at Union Square on Thursday 5th September between 5:30 – 9pm during Offshore Europe week, where Duncan Shaw and two of his trial-bike colleagues from The Clan will be performing.

To see the video and for more information on Interwell’s extreme offering, please visit Interwell will also be exhibiting at Offshore Europe, from 3rd to 6th September on stand 5B101.

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